Search Engine Optimization

Website development, friendly to the Search Engines

A site, in order survive to the online chaos must be competitive and to follow certain standards which will enable it to claim a high status among consumers / visitors. This is something that requires flexibility and clever manipulations, as the promotion of a website is the Alpha and the Omega. The optimization of a website or otherwise, promotion and retention of high search engine positions, is imperative for its emergence.

According to the statistics, 80% of users during their search, selects to read, only the first 10 results. This means that only 20% progressing to the rest results. Therefore, the aim of successful SEO is to make your site to appear within the first 10 results of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and always according to the competition on the subject in which you operate.

What you gain by optimizing your website?

Substantial money return (expenses) for the construction of a website:

If you're wondering whether it's worth investing in SEO, our answer is YES! The results it can bring to you are impressive and in a short time you will amortize the cost of the expenses for the creation of your new website, starting to profit by the presence of your business on the internet.

Increase Web Site Traffic and your clientele:

By optimizing your website for search engines, you increase the traffic. This results in boosting your company to increase its customer base and by extension, its sales. At the same time that helps to overcome the narrow limits of the Greek market, allowing you to expand your professional activity.

Targeted incoming traffic:

Internet users with the use of "key" words are directed to websites that can offer them what they seek. With the use of SEO and optimization of your own website, in addition to your high position in search engines, we aim to steer even more users / customers to visit your business.

Seamless advertising of your business based on your object:

Besides optimizing your website, we provide a seamless advertising of your business. Always aiming to your business object, we initiate the necessary promotions so that your name can stand out and always be at the forefront.

Our Standard packages in terms of web design include the following:

Placing the website content and the “keywords” for each unit according to the SEO rules:

Conducting thorough research, we care for the identity and the correct use of the "keywords". The placement of your website content and its promotion, are carried out with methodology and a careful strategic approach which will help you to provide better services, to win more online popularity and get more satisfied customers.

Create content display rules for easy indexing of the site by the search engines:

Websites sections must constantly be enriched with new content and also ensure that the content is clear. By following key rules of web promotion, we ensure that procedures which allow the search engines to detect the important information of your website are followed.

Design homepage and navigation menu for immediate finding information from the user and engines (Spiders):

By designing and building your website from scratch, we can create a home page and a navigation menu that will not only be easy to handle by each user, it will also be able to detect directly and easily the information the user is searching. This applies to the user himself, and the search engines which statistically in most cases, guide to the desired information.

Linking the site with all available social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.):

Exploiting to the maximum the impact of social media, we make sure that your website is linked directly to each of them, so that there can be interaction between your business and users. So you do not only maintain constant communication with your target group, but gradually gain more fans and thereafter prospective customers.