Newsletter Design

Responsive newsletters with style

Designing, creating and sending a newsletter from a company to its customers, it is one of the most important steps it must perform, but also the most feared one. Therefore, action plan and implementation of this procedure it is required that although seems simple it can be more complicated than you believe. That's why pixelweb is near you to design and construct your newsletter according to your needs and to direct you so that when its send will bring you the desired results.

Designing your newsletter:

For a newsletter to be considered successful it must be a newsletter that will be read. That means that it must be aesthetically appealing, comprehensive and substantive, but above all, with meaning and uniqueness of your company's identity. A newsletter that will make your products and services seem competitive.

The specialized design and marketing departments of pixelweb, discuss your business goals with you and analyze the potential implementation, that will result at exactly what you want to achieve and leads in the design of a visual plan that brings out the best possible way the content your newsletter.

Create a newsletter with Responsive, Fluid or Scalable Design:

Now your newsletters can be read by any device and result to the user’s/customer’s online connection. Each newsletter sent fit the screen width of mobile devices through which one can connect to the (smartphone, tablet, etc. mail), in order to update and read your messages.

Inform properly

The newsletter is a service provided to registered users on our site and if it is correctly done, it can only benefit your business.

Even today, unfair tactics are used and many companies’ newsletters are sent to non-registered users, a phenomenon which nowadays seems to be encountered but not that effectively .Nevertheless electronic catalogs (blacklists) that maintain the privacy regulations, set increasingly stringent filters to detect SPAM mails.

Our intent is to help you build an interest and trust relationship with your existing customers, but also to create a new audience through email marketing. We are at your disposal to help you, to suggest solutions and to offer guidelines for the maximum performance of your newsletters.

You want to know if your newsletter was read?

You can find out easily, guaranteed and without any trouble directly from the management of your site, without receiving irritating delivery reports, that they will only fill your mail with large amount of information.

You can be informed of how many viewed your newsletter, where they clicked, which provision / product of yours had more viewance etc. You can see those reports directly through your website management system after sending the newsletter.

Don’t forget:

What you should remember in any case, is that a newsletter is not just an informational message that appeals to your customers, but one of your business communication bridge with them, as well as potential customers that we hope to reach out and put them in our clientele.