Web Design

High quality design • Optimized applications

Website with Responsive Design
For even easier access from any device!

In the age of speed and technology, in addition to a sophisticated design, we seek flexible design. That means that we desire easy access to our website, regardless of the device used to connect to it. It is already a fact that the majority of internet users are using the mobile devices (Smartphone or Tablet) and not Laptops or PCs.   

In response therefore, to the current needs and requirements, we build websites using all available techniques. One of these is the responsive design that we consider important advantage for each new website!   

A website that is designed with responsive technique, can auto-fit the screen width of mobile devices depending on the device that browses it (eg iPhone, iPad, etc.). Navigation is easier and relaxing while fonts adapt (grow or shrink) to ensure information integrity. The elegance combined with efficiency and all that, without cluttering the site. 

Web Design with Responsive Design

Website Optimisation (On Site SEO)
Website development, 100% friendly to search engines

Web Design SEO Optimisation (On Site SEO)

By creating the perfect website to our needs, by itself, is not enough. It must be easily and directly accessed by anyone. 

It is very important that a website does not contain errors and both the structure and the content of (HTML code) to be "readable" by the search engines. Utilizing all of the SEO process (Search Engine Optimization), we ensure that your websites are 100% friendly to search engines. Our goal is the high ranking of your website in Search Engines, as well as traffic increase of your website. 

Original design standards (Templates)
Follow your corporate identity!

The web design for us, is not work. It is passion! It is this passion that we use to create original ideas. Ideas that apply both to the development of our websites, and the design of their individual graphics. 

We plan your site from scratch, always based on your corporate identity, wants and needs. To achieve the best possible result, we can use custom templates ie, original templates on your order, designed by us, instead of relying on ready-made solutions. 

The pixelweb is pioneer in manufacturing art for websites. Since 1999 we design striking patterns (templates) only for websites. We have all the expertise and experience to capture with complete success, your corporate identity as part of your new website, using the latest design technologies. 


Web templates design - Template customization

Website templates

Economical websites
Using ready-made templates from renowned designers

Undoubtedly, the construction cost of a website is the first criterion that we take into our mind when we take the decision. 

To reduce therefore your expenses and to adjust them to your needs, you can choose among hundreds of ready-made templates (virtual models) at our disposal. With our help, finding the one that will meet you requirements is just a step away. 

Website management (CMS)
Powerful Backoffice means safety!

Building a website is the first and most important step for a company. From there on, however, the essence lies in being able to easily and safely manage it. 

We provide you with the necessary training so that the process can seem like a child’s play. Wherever you are, whatever you do, having an internet connection is enough. Get in the management system and with simple steps, perform the changes/additions to suit your needs. 

Backoffice - CMS

Website hosting

Safe mode, and save a web page data is something we take deep consideration for. For this reason, we make sure that the websites we create are hosted on reliable Greek datacenters which we constantly maintain. So automatically you have one less thing to care about.

Reduce page loadtime

Techniques for higher load time

A good reason for a visitor to leave the navigation of a website is its speed. When a page is slow to load, it automatically causes irritation and therefore eliminates our will to explore it.   

To deal with such phenomena, and to provide the best possible service, we have invested in the best market management systems. With the use of modern and reliable techniques always in combination with our fast servers, we ensure the maximum performance of the application and therefore the faster loading of your pages. 

Direct technical support 
Providing full support package and advisory services

For us you are not customers, but partners. Our aim is not simply the construction of your website, but also to support you constantly on your every need. So before and after the creation of your website, we are there to help you and to guide you in what you need. 

We provide full technical support, guidance and advisory services, information on new web trends, benefits, technologies, etc. 

Update traffic statistics using Google Analytics:

One of the biggest concerns of companies/businesses operating on the internet, is whether this tool brings them desirable customers. A concern very normal, if someone has invested his money, hoping to get more. 

We provide the opportunity to be informed about the statistics of website traffic data. Through the well-known and valid Google Analytics platform, we have a clear and detailed picture of the site mobility, and the exact number of visitors. Even in Live time. Items that you can compare with your sales, analyze and eventually use to improve your profit with an online advertising campaign. 

Additional services: 

As already mentioned, our goal is to do our best for you. The aim of Pixelweb is not simply the construction of working sites, but sites that stand out and meet your desires. So we recommend a series of additional benefits through which you can save time and to earn money easily, quickly and painlessly. So we provide you: 

  • Web content creation: elaborate texts written entirely by specialized partners, which’s content will reflect your business. 
  • Custom applications Creation: in order to have a more flexible site, we offer to create a multitude of innovative applications based on your needs that will ease you a lot. 
  • Design of website advertising strategy in online media: In the Internet era, the only effective advertising is one that brings benefits. We help you plan your strategy to promote and advertise your website through the most popular online media (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc) 
  • Manage ads on Google and Facebook: Because time is money, and because -especially small businesses– haven’t got necessarily qualified personnel or advertising department, we undertake to manage your advertising program on Google and Facebook. 
  • Design animated or static Banner Ads: We plan from scratch, according to what you desire, advertising banners in any dimension or design you choose. 
  • Design new corporate identity: Each company stands out for its name. Thus, each site stands out for its logo. We plan therefore to you, your website logo to respond not only to the services you provide and in your name, but also the image that we picked to follow when building your website.