Logo Design

Simple design, great results!

Corporate Identity of your business:

For modern businesses, all-purpose and activity, the existence of a proper and representative corporate identity is an imperative need.

The corporate identity is divided into two separate but equally important areas, each in its own way contributes to the development and promotion of your company, and also to compete similar to your own, companies. These two areas are the Visual and the Functional Corporate Identity.

In pixelweb we undertake the study and analysis of your company profile and based on this, we design your ideal, Visual Corporate Identity.

Visual Corporate Identity and Role of pixelweb:

The term Visual Corporate Identity refers to every material used by company to make direct or indirect contact with its customers. In other words, the visual identity is reflected in all documents, brochures (electronic or not), in stationery, signs, gifts, vehicles etc. products of a business.

Pixelweb, always in correspondence to your company profile, needs and requirements, designs from scratch your corporate identity so it can stand out, be unique and leave a mark.


  • We undertake the design of your corporate logo, with our visual proposals keeping pace with your requirements and match your general profile. So we can offer you the ideal result, which stands out for its elegance and uniqueness, while being intertemporal.
  • By combining quality and high aesthetics and following the line of your chosen Company Logo, we design your professional and corporate cards.
  • In parallel, we design your broader corporate image, by customizing your logo on envelopes and letterheads, which will be used to communicate with your customers and partners.
  • Additionally, we can undertake the design of your brochures (fliers, brochures, etc.), achieving the best possible result witch leads to attract even more customers.
  • In addition, we design your corporate Newsletter, and your corporate e-mails, so that there is a uniform aesthetically result that reflects professionalism and confidence.
  • Finally, knowing that time is money for you, skilled copywriters (editors / copywriters) undertake the writing and editing which you can use as you want, and always according to your needs. These documents may relate to your site, your company profile, your advertising brochures etc.

What your benefit:

The existence of Visual Corporate Identity helps to strengthen your presence in the business world, but also to recognize the value of your business. At the same time, it provides security to your prospective customers / partners, since they know that they can have direct contact with you, which will have an equally immediate response.

With the existence of Visual Corporate Identity Your Business:

Consolidates its existence, which helps to increase the reputation, ensuring a sense of security, a very important element especially in the modern world.

Suggests structured working, organized, and stability. Moreover, it reinforces the belief that you have knowledge and expertise of your subject, increasing the chances for someone to prefer to work with you instead of someone else.

Can function better and more effectively from the inside. If Visual Identity is combined with Functional, your business group will not only feel more secure and follows a more organized professional pattern, but also acquires awareness of the position and the importance of it, enhancing confidence and contributing to become more productive.

Functional Corporate Identity its objective:

The Functional Corporate Identity associates with the rules and procedures which the staff and management of a business owes to apply. The purpose of this is the united and reliable presentation of the combined visual identity message and the promotional design.

In simpler words, Functional Corporate Identity refers to the way each company functions and reacts towards communicative action, whether it is internal or external. Each company follows its own rules, which are combined with the management, marketing, commercial philosophy, and its corporate profile, filling the Visual Identity of all the above.

The Functional Corporate Identity is one of the most important tools of a company / business. It reinforces the uniqueness, and helps to support the methodology that should be followed by the staff, so that there is a virtual and pragmatic coherence.

Probably all of the above may seem complex and perhaps difficult, but pixelweb is here to help you. Possessing the necessary knowledge and the necessary experience, we are able to contribute to the composition of the regulation of running your business, but also in the creation of Functional Corporate Identity. So, your business will not only keep pace with the modern current, but it can be developed at multiple levels you might not have even imagined.