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Pixelweb is a company that is active in the field of Internet Marketing since 2001. It focuses on developing web applications and is principally engaged in web design and construction of dynamic web sites and online shops. At the same time, in order to satisfy all customers' requirements, Pixelweb undertakes the advertising needs of a company via internet (Google campaigns, Facebook, etc.) and the visual needs for such advertising or other graphic arts. Our company has many years of experience in the field, which is specialized in manufacturing friendly web - applications, while providing full advisory and technical support. 

Taking advantage of the ever-growing potential of the Internet, we try to achieve a dynamic business environment through the Internet, for each client individually. 

We especially value the word "innovation"

We aim to surprise visitors, impress our customers, while challenge the competition in each specific sector.

We fully support the portability, bringing it even closer to the user/visitor/customer,by designing and implementing flexible and elegant applications, friendly with all the information display devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.). 

Our long experience, testifies our capabilities

All these years, we carried out fully and successfully, too complicated and "sensitive" projects for demanding customers. Therefore, we are able and we have every intention to cope with any challenge. 

Pixewleb has acquired the requisite experience and knowledge, and the appropriate partners, so it always respond successfully to the demands of its customers. It has undertaken and implemented projects for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as for freelance professionals, but also for non-profit organizations. 

Business Planning

Business Planning

We visit your site and analyze together all your requirements and how those can be implemented

Project Valuation

Project Valuation

We value your needs and design an appropriate case study, which is required to complete your project

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

We spend the designated time with proper planning, in order to deliver every project on time

Pixelweb - Responsive Web design

We design impressive websites for impressive customers!

Pixelweb - Responsive Web design

Our goal is to create an attractive and flexible website, with the appropriate mechanisms of information and content management. So it can support upgrade functions - content update, always according  to modern trends and technologies. We consider that the Key elements for this success are the following: 

A. Technical excellence

All Websites created with shaft:

  • The stability and reliability of the system. 
  • The ability to easily and quickly update content from users who do not have particular technical knowledge. 

Our sites are open for any future development - upgrading and supported by software updates. A remarkable fact is that the websites we create are structured in the module extensions logic (expandable functions). That way you can start to build a website with specific functionality and then expand your capabilities according to your needs, new data and your strategic choices. 

B. Aesthetics and functionality

  •  Visual approach with select graphics that facilitate the use of the Website
  •  Navigation Strategy that aims to user’s easy navigation among the pages 
  •  Maximum user and search engine friendliness of the application

We design websites for "clients" of our customers 

If we’re famous for something, that is the creation of original websites. Not resorting, necessarily to ready-made templates, which results in a lack of creativity and originality. Each project we undertake and if requested, can be implemented from scratch, according to your own needs and to have it’s own personalized character. So your website, has originality and at the same time, it differs from ready and inexpensive (but expensive costed in many cases) solutions. 

We are not only "artists", nor only "technicians"

Our team has all the specialties alloy required - web designers, front-end and back-end developers, Internet marketeers, content copywriters, Google & SEO specialists. For this reason we are not only able to develop simple "sites", but complete and specialized tools that serve all business objectives of each client. 

Furthermore we could not have long-term partnerships if we created simply “nice” sites. We are consistent both in what we promise and in our schedules, always respecting the time and money of our clients. 

Pixelweb - Responsive Web design

Why to choose us: 

Having beside us people knowledgeable of software engineering, the project preparation procedures are simple and austere. Thus we achieve to limit the implementation time and reducing the cost for you. Combining fresh ideas from talented web designers and web developers, serving the needs of each customer by enriching them with an original business logic.

We believe that the assignment of the task in our company has multiple benefits for your business, in two different levels. 

Α. In terms of partnership: 

  • The start of a lasting cooperation with our company, which provides all the services for the establishment of operational sites. This includes the design and construction, support and maintenance services, the development of new functions, hosting services providing, as well as consulting services for optimal use of the Internet, according to the best of the global market practice. 
  • To obtain a dynamic management platform of website content, so that it can provide at any time, reliable and easily accessible information. 

Β. In the project implementation level: 

  • The -strategically important for you- perfect presentation of your company on the Internet, providing a flexible and attractive environment that suits your corporate identity. Utilizing the advantage of modern technological and operational platform, with the main purpose of interactive communication with visitors. 
  • New services/functions at any time and for any service your company decides that wants to offer to the audience (scalability). 
  • Direct technical assistance (after sales support) to any problem you have, while providing good and practical management advice or instructions for your website use.