Professional texts by specialized columnists

Writing texts for sites

The base on which a page rests, in order to have proper presentation of its products and services, is very carefully written and targeted texts. In pixelweb we know very well the importance of the text, since through them, traffic is increased and the performance of your website in search engines (SEO) is optimized.

For text writing, we cooperate with a team of professional copywriters with extensive experience and expertise in targeted advertising. While anyone can write a text, the goal is not simply to add information in your page, but to raise the traffic and its promotion by search engines.
The promotion on search engines (Goggle), made through the use of "keywords" that promote your site and lead to top positions in searches of users. The use of keywords, of course is not accidental, but a result of extensive research on the subject with which your business deals.
In the information age we are going through, the choice and the composition of SEO friendly text is essential for a successful website.

Our copywriters, study the needs of your business, analyze the competition and after collecting all the information, they proceed to document composition.

An experienced copywriter can design an intuitive and complete text, through which your business can be viewed and make you stand out from the competition. Besides, the difference between a page with traffic and a traffic-free one, is defined by the details and documents are a detail, which is however very important.

Professional copywriting of page should be available in all languages that a website has. In this way a visitor can distinguish your site from the competition by being able to read the texts in their own language, written properly and clearly.

The difference between a text written by a professional and a text translated by an automatic translator, is really chaotic.

The copywriting services we offer are:

  • New texts composition
  • Old texts editing and upgrade
  • Translate texts in the desired language