E-shop Development

Responsive design, direct sales increase!

PixelWeb always adapts its services to your needs. The same applies to the construction of any e-shop. Taking into account your needs, but mainly the characteristics and identity of the products/services you provide, create your ideal e-shop, so as to reach out to the target audience, but also to be able to distinguish between myriad other, online market stores. 

Our company has the necessary experience and knowledge to offer specialized services and results that will optimize not only the bigger picture of your business, but also the image of it on the internet, at a time when online shopping have gained tremendous ground and is preferred by a large portion of buyers who do not have time to waste. 

Here are some of the key features of e-shops which we manufacture and offer:

1. User-friendly application for easy shopping from any device you connect to the Internet:

Responding to the current needs and requirements of customers, build e-shops utilizing responsive design technology. This allows the page of your online store to fit the screen width of mobile devices through which you browse it (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Thus, the navigation is easy and fast, and makes purchases effortless.

2. You have the complete control of the e-shop content:

The flexible content management system for your online store, allows you to easily manage, quickly and painlessly. This way you can add, delete, modify all your products, but also the individual categories of your e-shop.

3. Using dynamic navigation filters for easy product find:

In electronic commerce, navigation filters is one of the most important features provided. In this way the client facilitates the search, limiting the possible effects on what to these which really cover your desires and needs. So, it saves time and makes a customer satisfied, who will return again at your online store, with the first opportunity.

4. Reduce clicks and simplify browsing to your e-shop:

Forget the endless Clicking that overwhelm the client and lead him to give up an e-shop before he can make a purchase from it. We ensure the reduction of required clicks so that the client can browse the page easily.

5. Update traffic statistics using Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is not just a traffic measurement tool of your e-shop, but a performance measurement tool of the individual factors. This means that you can locate any vulnerability of your business and fix them, raising the sales. We are here to help you accomplish this.

6. Linking the e-shop with social media:

In the era of social networking through the Internet, being able to view your business in social media is a great advantage for you. And we offer it. Each time a user likes or shares the page of your e-shop on facebook, his friends and the followers of your page can see it. Thereby we help you to maintain a constant communication with your target group, gaining more and more fans, and therefore potential customers.

7.Ability to pay in any way:

We do not limit your customers and give them the opportunity to choose how they will make their payments. All possible options are available (PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Cash, Transfer) in response so not only to your needs but also the needs of your customers.

8. Linking your e-shop with skroutz.gr:

Skroutz.gr is one of the largest online platforms, where thousands of people visit daily to find the cheapest market product price. By linking your shop with skroutz.gr, you do not only achieve the appearance of all the products in it, but you have the opportunity to watch the competitive prices, resulting in improving your list and increase your clientele.

9. Potential development of custom display applications:

One of the key elements in the construction of an e-shop is to present your products in the best possible representation. To achieve this, we undertake the graphic design and the retouche of already existing photographs of your products.

10. Free Domain name securing and free hosting of the e-shop for the first year:

We undertake of securing the domain name of your e-shop (www.name.gr) and the web hosting. All this completely free for the first year of your online store function, supporting more strongly the start of your new investment.

11. Hosting e-shop using latest technology:

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can be assured that your e-shop is in good hands. We ensure the best possible speeds and online threats protection. Your e-shop, will be hosted at Greek fast and secure datacenter, which helps in Greek SEO, so that your e-shop is friendly towards search engines.

12. Easy checkout with 3 clicks:

One of the main reasons customers of an e-shop leave before making a purchase is the complexed process of the checkout. We simplify things, both for you and your customers. Completion of the purchase is made through three simple clicks easily, quickly and painlessly, without unnecessary delays and tiring procedures.