We design innovative websites for demanding customers!

We are obsessed with the design and aesthetics. We constantly renew our expertise according to the international standards. We design each project reaching the maximum friendliness and high aesthetics after we carefully study the Case Study for each project we undertake.


Are enough to be able to undertake the most complex projects.


Customers who trusted our dedication and expertise.

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Our servicesSmart services exclusively produced from pixelweb.

Web Design

Our field of specialization is certainly the web design. Trust the experience and expertise of pixelweb, to create a website that will distinguish you from the competition.


The most certain way to promote your website is the creation of original texts by professional editors, based on its optimization, in all search engines (SEO).

E-Shop Development

The most modern way of selling, is to create an E-Shop. In pixelweb, we know how to create a modern and interactive E-Shop, which is able to excel.

Website SEO Optimization

To see your page first on Google searches, the only sure and effective way, is to optimize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website.

Web Hosting

Take advantage of our unique benefits for hosting your page. Our servers are located in the best datacenters in Greece and Germany and are distinguished by their reliability and stability.

Logo Design

Creating a corporate identity that fits you is the first step to identify your business. Logos which we create in pixelweb, are timeless, elegant and representative.

Email Marketing

The construction of a newsletter may sound simple, but trust us, it is not. Rely on our experience in designing and the appropriate promotion of your newsletter.

Banner Design

A modern and very successful marketing strategy is the creation of an advertising banner. The smart and targeted planning of our banner ads, will help to your company’ s promotion.

Who we areIn a few words

We are a company that is active in the field of site Construction and Internet Marketing since 2001. We have extensive experience in this field and specialize in manufacturing friendly web - applications, while providing full advisory and technical support. Taking advantage of the ever-growing potential of the Internet we try to achieve a dynamic business environment through the Internet for every client individually.


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Themis Sarantaenas, Marketing Consultant * Translated

With Pixelweb we have worked together many times before both for my personal and my clients’ projects. They are creative, direct in their response and their work is excellent. It is the kind of partners who will solve any problems that may occur without considering their personal time. I strongly recommend them.

Themis Sarantaenas, Marketing Consultant * Translated

Eleni Athanasopoulou, Artionfarben * Translated

Great design and excellent assistance. The readiness and the service are crucial factors for us and Pixelweb was always at our disposal. Modern design, applications for better presentation and functionality of the website and counseling to be always up to date, are the characteristics of Pixelweb, which combined with competitive prices, offers us the essential services package. Excellent work and cooperation from young people with creativity and diligent work.

Eleni Athanasopoulou, Artionfarben * Translated

Vasilis Tzovas, Furnitures * Translated

Pixelweb undertook the construction of our site 5 years ago and the results still remain positive. With consistency and professionalism as well as absolute knowledge on the subject, they managed to create for us a friendly and understandable page while its design, modern and timeless functioned effectively to the average user.

Vasilis Tzovas, Furnitures * Translated

Maria Tsilimpari, Nobilis Brokers * Translated

Our company, Nobilis Insurance Brokers, cooperates exclusively with Pixelweb since 2009. The flexibility of Pixelweb & absolute understanding of our needs cemented our cooperation and established a relationship of trust and security, essential elements that outline the professional profile of the company. Their continuous information on the development of technology, the direct support and the quality of services provided to us, makes them significant partners.

Maria Tsilimpari, Nobilis Brokers * Translated